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Stress Therapy

Stress Management Therapy

We all live in a busy frantic world with increasing everyday pressures and demands, it’s a modern day fact of life.  So Its not unusual for all of us to feel stressed  and anxious from time to time.

However, sometimes we experience a time of difficulty or even a series of traumatic events in our lives that seems to stay with us, either every day or an emotional response that is triggered by certain situations.

These anxious feelings can start to impact on how we live our daily lives and our behaviours and experiences. I combine multiple therapies to help you discover some easy techniques that can help you begin to lead a happier, healthier life.

Personalised stress management programmes

Whilst stress can be a fairly normal part of life & something that we can all experience occasionally, it is important to recognise what ‘acceptable’ levels of stress are. Donna Edmondson-Jones is a highly trained stress management therapy specialist – get help for your stress today by contacting me today to see how I can help manage your stress through therapy.

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