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Weight Loss Therapy

Weight Loss Treatments

All our Weight loss clients are treated on an individual basis, some people want to lose a few pounds, others want to lose a significant amount of weight and be supported throughout the process. Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps people to tackle the core reasons for their over eating & helps them to make the best choices for a lighter, happier lifestyle without the restrictions of diets.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is extremely effect way for dropping those pounds. As with any hypnotherapy program, it is a “do with” process and you need to be committed to you’re own challenge to lose the weight and make lifestyle changes. People that overeat, do so for many different reasons, be it emotional eating, boredom or stress, everyone is different – we will work together to help you understand the patterns and triggers that effect you’re relationship with food  & give you the tools to make better choices and start to enjoy life to the full.

PERSONALISED Weight Loss Therapy With Hypnosis

No matter how complicated your relationship with weight, eating and your body, together we will tailor a programme to help you manage your weight.  Donna Edmondson-Jones is a highly trained weight loss therapy specialist – get help for your weight loss today by contacting me today to see how I can help manage your weight loss through therapy.

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