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How Can I Help?

Welcome To Donna Edmondson-Jones Therapy. How Can I Help?

Hello. My name is Donna Edmondson-Jones and I’m a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed NLP practitioner and a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. I am also proud to be an Accredited Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.
Anxiety Treatment | Help for Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks in the UK | Donna Edmondson Jones

Anxiety & Depression

Stress Therapy | Help for managing your stress through therapy in the UK | Donna Edmondson-Jones


Building Confidence & Self Esteem through Therapy | Donna Edmondson Jones Therapy


Weight Management Therapy | Qualified weight management therapist in the West Midlands

Weight Management

Eating Disorder Treatment | Get help for eating disorders in the UK | Donna Edmondson Jones

Eating Disorders

Fears & Phobias Therapy | Get expert help for your fears & phobias | Therapist in the West Midlands

Fears & Phobias

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment | Get help for your IBS through Therapy | Donna Edmondson-Jones


Insomnia & Sleep Issues Therapy | Get help for your insomnia & sleep issues | Donna Edmondson-Jones

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Pain Management

Hypnosis to stop smoking | Quit smoking through hypnotherapy | Donna Edmondson-Jones

Stop Smoking

Performance Therapy | Improve your performance through Therapy | Donna Edmondson Jones


Self Hypnosis & Relaxation Techniques | Reduce stress with relaxation | Qualified hypnotherapist in the West Midlands

Relaxation & Self Hypnosis

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If you have any questions regarding my services or would like to make an appointment, please visit the contact us page